How much am I worth?

Published on October 25, 2018 by Amanda Vinci

How much am I worth? This is a question I often come across. It’s difficult to answer, and to be honest, I think it’s a bit rudimentary to ask. But I am going to attempt to break down how to value you yourself here. The short answer being, you are worth as much as they are willing to pay you – and as much as you are happy to settle for. I can hear you rolling your eyes! But bear with me.

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5 top tips to stay focused in a noisy office

Published on October 15, 2018 by Amanda Vinci

Whether in an office of 8 or an office of 100, open plan can offer noise and unwanted distraction! While research suggests open office is better for a collaborative work environment, there are still negatives that effect day to day performance for individuals.

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Hold up, Thats Out of Bounds!

Published on September 24, 2018 by Amanda Vinci

I am often talking to individuals that have issues with being overworked. For me, this is a two way street between and employee and an employer. Think about it, you aren’t the first person that has gone through this and won’t be the last, but you will start to have people grow tired of your complaints if you aren’t willing to do something about it.

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“It’s not in my job description”

Published on August 29, 2018 by Amanda Vinci

“It’s not in my job description” (INIMJD) When I hear this, I cringe. I cringe because the role of an EA is so varied, and often there are tasks involved that aren’t in the job description. Yet we only say this sentence when it’s a task we don’t want to do. The EA role is there to enable and empower the Senior Executives to execute business strategy. If it’s getting tea and coffee fo

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