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Certified HighPerforming EACourse

The Certified High Performing EA™ is our flagship course designed to help today’s best Executive Assistants realise and continually reach the next level of their potential by elevating their leadership skills and increasing their personal performance.

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What type of EA are you? Are you an Impulsive, Dependent, Rebel, Independent or Interdependent EA? Find out to understand where to focus your attention and take the next step in your career.

TheMindful EACourse

Learn to cultivate a more balanced relationship to yourself in relation to the realities of life and the busy world around you. This training will provide you the opportunity to devote your attention to the thought processes that underlie mindfulness and explore scientific findings to give you a complete understanding. Enrol Today.

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The EA Institute is home to an ever-growing community of driven, determined and passionate Executive Assistants, here to discover their true professional potential.

EA and PACourses

Executive Assistant Training and Personal Assistant courses created to take your thinking, influence and results to the next level.

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Here at the EA Institute, we offer a variety of programs to suit individual and business needs. If you are unsure which program is suitable for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our Contact Us page.

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Unlike other training providers, our trainers and consultants have worked as senior Executive Assistants in a range of industries allowing us to provide the best training that is industry relevant.

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Hire the EA institute’s leader and CEO, Amanda Vinci as a speaker at your next event or conference. Find out more and get in contact here.

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the EA instituteExecutive Assistant Training

By definition, leadership is the ability to inspire a team to achieve a certain goal, but leadership is not about rank or position, it’s a set of skills that anyone can build. Discover our courses and membership below to learn about how we are helping the world’s leading EAs become forward thinking leaders.

The Certified High Performing EA™ Course

The Certified High-Performing EA course isn’t designed for those just wanting to ‘turn up and go home’ after taking a page full of notes. It’s designed to help today’s best Executive Assistants realise and continually reach the next level of their potential.

Foundation Course – The Mindful EA

The Mindful EA is a mindfulness course designed specifically for Executive Assistants who are juggling busy roles and lives in general. This course uses science, philosophy and the practicality of mindfulness to bring your active attention to the present.

The Growth Hub

Join the EA Institute Growth Hub, the ultimate online community for EA leaders and life-long learners. Access educational resources, networking opportunities and a directory of certified mentors.

Looking for In-House Company Training & Solutions?

We also offer in-house Executive Assistant training where we come to you. If you’re interested to know how this might look for your organisation, book in a time to speak with us or email us today for a quote.​

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The EA Institutes leadership training program provided me with an all round overview on how to lead and the methodologies used were at a very high standard. I have accomplished so much and as a result so many opportunities have opened up for me at KPMG

I highly recommend the The High Performing EA course. I was continually pushed out of my comfort zone and I am now reaping the rewards not only in my work life but it also translates through to your personal life

The EA Institute changed my life! Seriously! I could not dream up a more inspiring, challenging and encouraging six months of growth that I experienced through ‘The High Performing EA

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