Hey boss, let’s talk!

Published on August 25, 2021 by Laura Ashworth

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What does an EA even do?

Published on September 9, 2020 by Amanda Vinci

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Which type of CEO are you?

Published on May 12, 2020 by Amanda Vinci

Forming a successful partnership with your Executive Assistant means knowing which type of CEO you are. Knowing which type of CEO you are will enable your Executive Assistant to understand what you need. Without understanding your needs, your assistant will spend time on unimportant tasks, resulting in hours of lost productivity and ultimately slowing you down.

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Top Tips On Working With Multiple Managers

Published on April 29, 2019 by Amanda Vinci

There are always issues when working with (and juggling!) multiple managers. Whether it’s who’s needs are great, who’s work is more important, your own organisational skills, and your relationship with each of them – all of this can effect the way you are effective in working with multiple managers...

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