5 Ideas to Improve Your Workspace

Let’s face it, as EAs, we spend a lot of time at our desks so shouldn’t we make it a lovely place to be? A tidy, organized and beautiful workspace aids in creating order and rhythm which is essential for continued productivity and wellbeing, here are 5 ideas to improve your workspace…

1. Declutter
A tidy desk equals a tidy mind… this has actually been shown to be true! Being surrounded by clutter can increase our stress and anxiety levels leading to a decrease in productivity. Not only that but tasks literally take longer when we are is unable find what you need amongst all the papers and files!
A tidy desk portrays that you are organized to those around you, this positive reputation is another great reason to get tidying!

2. Add Plants
Bringing a touch of nature into your space can not only lift your spirits and boost your creativity but adding a plant is also good for your health! Plants purify the air, studies have shown that a simple houseplant can remove particles from the air that contribute to a number of health problems such as sore eyes and respiratory issues.

3. Personalise
Ok, this one can be a fine line, you want to add a couple of your personal items but don’t go overboard, an inspirational quote, a small piece of art or a picture of your pet is perfect and just enough to make it personalised but still professional. For some daily inspiration in your space, check out our free desktop screen downloads here. here.
Or perhaps you’d like to create a vision board to keep near your desk, our free guide to creating a vision board can be found here.

4. Get Comfortable
Make sure your chair is right for you and supports your spine. Your monitor should be about an arm’s length away and your eye-line should be about 20cm below the top of your monitor. Your wrists should be flat on the keyboard not angled up, and your feet be flat on the floor. These simple ergonomics will ensure you are comfortable and reduce the risk of long term injury.

5. Lighting
Good natural light is the best way to enhance your space and your mood but if this isn’t possible in your office, add a lamp to ensure you are getting adequate light. Dimly lit workspaces can lead to straining your eyes, headaches and drowsiness.

Wonderful things can happen when you take the time declutter and streamline your space. Research has demonstrated that a person’s physical surroundings have a major impact on their emotions, behaviour, cognition, capacity for decision-making, and interpersonal connections. Focus is improved in a tidy workspace, you’ll feel better and relaxed. You can generate more ideas, and feel more accomplished.

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