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The EA Institute’s Membership is the ultimate platform with resources, live and pre-recorded webinars and an opportunity to be mentored by some of the worlds leading EA trainers, you will be in an environment that will help you grow and be your best.

This isn’t just another membership…. This is a living resource centre and accountability ecosystem for Assistants who want to be their best. 
  • It’s more time with our world class team, and our incredible community of Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants, Team Assistants and Administration Assistants from all over the world.
  • It’s access to step by step guides, templates and resources designed to build confidence and grow in your career FASTER than you ever thought possible.
  • It’s an amazing accountability ecosystem all committed to help you keep moving forward and get RESULTS.
  • And most importantly, it’s about tapping into the collective knowledge and know-how of the best darn community around to deepen your understanding of The EA Institute Education to help you make MORE progress even faster.

the EA institute MembershipDon’t Go It Alone

Too many Assistants embark on this journey alone, trying to sift through hundreds of strategies and build their career’s on their own.

As a result of all this trial and error, they end up giving up, losing confidence and faith in themselves.

After seeing this happen to too many Assistants, we decided to create an opportunity to learn directly from our most successful strategies every month with an personal, done-with-you, fast-tracked ‘doing’ experience…

All to give you the most profitable, supportive and powerful year yet.

the EA institute MembershipSo, What Exactly Is Included?

$10,000+ Worth of The EA Institute’s Resources 

Access to over $10,000 of the EA Institute’s training, with pre-recorded Webinars accessible at any time, and on-the-go

Immediate Access to Resources 

You’ll have all the training and tools you need at your fingertips around the clock.
Access to step-by-step guides, templates, and resources to drive your career forward faster.

Dedicated Private Platform

A dedicated online platform accessible via the web and app store.

Access all your recourses, on the go, wherever you are, with bonus videos and live pop ups with the facilitators and EA Institute Mentors.

Live Training Webinars 

Live Training Webinar’s every month on topics that are relevant for any EA/PA looking to grow and learn.

Live Members Chat 

The chance to tap into the collective wisdom and brilliance of our community.

This is the perfect place to discuss your progress on your goals, and to celebrate the wins! 

Trainers Committed to Your Success 

Get access to weekly live masterclasses from our dedicated world class team and trainers who are committed to your success.

Get faster progress. More ‘aha’ moments. And bigger results!

the EA institute MembershipBenefits

You will walk away with a new-found ability to:

  • Heighten your competencies in managing your workload and relationships successfully in your organisation.
  • Boost your ability to exceed previous results during times of uncertainty and constant change.
  • Learn how to develop your role to work towards the top of your profession.
  • Become a change champion in managing change effectively.
  • Increase confidence in yourself and your abilities.
  • Keep up with the shifting expectations, and increase your ability to think strategically by building up analytical skills.
  • Maximising the use of technology to be an efficient and effective.
  • Learn tips and tricks to increase your productivity.

the EA institute MembershipAbout The Trainers

Sometimes we are so close to the situation, we can’t see the forest from the trees.

And worst, we often cannot see the limiting beliefs that are holding us back from the breakthroughs we so desperately want in life and career.

That is why we have gathered a group of world class experts who are dedicated to your success. Every month bringing you a masterclass where you can learn a strategy that will propel you forward.

Each coach has been strategically chosen to support common challenges most Administrators face in their career, with a strong focus on:

  • Leadership
  • Mindset & Resilience
  • Working Under Pressure & Self Care
  • Building Confidence & Finding Your Voice
  • Building Your Brand 

You can join these sessions live or catch the replay when you’re on the go!

 Amanda VinciLeadership  Coach


The EA Institute

Shannah KennedyLife  &  Wellness   Coach


Shannah Kennedy Coaching

Gines SatPerformance  Coach


Make It Happen Group

Daniel BurgessPersonal  Branding  Coach


The Phoenix Experience

Shannah KennedyMindset  Coach


Worry Wart Australia 

the EA institute MembershipWhat Our MembersSay

This training has been so valuable for me. Going through a rough time at work, with lots of change, this program has helped ground me and realign my focus to what’s important. It’s been really insightful and very good to learn about the psychology and science behind what makes us tick. I would highly recommend this training, you can do it in your own time and revisit whenever you’re having a tough day or week.

Before I started this training, having done a huge amount of learning and development, I had some idea of what mindfulness was, however this has given me a far greater understanding and helped me greatly in my role as Executive Assistant. The session on judgement had a big impact, and every time I do the training another light bulb goes off. If you are on the fence about doing this training, I would say go for it. There are so many resources included, and it will help just as much in your personal life as it does for work.