“This Executive Assistant course will push you beyond what you ever thought was possible for yourself, your team, your business and your life.”

“This Executive Assistant course will push you beyond what you ever thought was possible for yourself, your team, your business and your life.”

Executive Assistant CourseThe Certified High Performing EA

Looking to position yourself as a strategic partner and an indispensable asset within your organisation?

Unleash your potential with The Certified High Performing EA course. Designed to enhance your skills and capabilities in mindset, leadership, and branding, this program delivers immediate results in confidence and personal and professional performance in our rapidly evolving world.

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The Certified High Performing EAProgram Benefits

  • Overcome the feeling of being undervalued or overlooked and emerge as a respected and influential professional
  • Develop effective communication techniques to foster strong relationships with executives and stakeholders
  • Enhance your leadership skills to drive impactful initiatives and projects
  • Demonstrate your ability to contribute strategically to organisational success
  • Embrace a growth mindset and develop the skills necessary to excel as a strategic partner
  • Cultivate strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities to navigate complex challenges
  • Experience a transformation in your confidence and self-belief
  • Gain The Certified High Performing EA qualification, use the post nominals after your name on LinkedIn and your email signature

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The Certified High Performing EA8 Core Learning Outcomes


Master interpersonal communication to inform, engage, and effect change.

Critical Thinking

Engage the imagination to explore new possibilities, articulate ideas, and review information using critical and analytical thinking.

Problem Solving

Identify, analyse, and resolve problems effectively and creatively.


Work and interact with others to promote collaborative outcomes, knowledge-sharing, and collective goals or outcomes.


Inspire others to incite purposeful actions and effectively engage people to improve an organisation’s capability and performance.

Empowering Others

Motivate and encourage others to achieve or exceed their objectives.

Adaptive Mindset

Embrace challenges or change as opportunities to innovate and improve.

Driving Strategy

Promote achievement of excellence and attainment of strategic outcomes by reviewing data, analysing results, and making informed decisions.

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About your trainerAmanda Vinci

Amanda Vinci is an Internationally Accredited Coach, Practitioner of Meta Dynamics, Accredited EDISC Consultant, Leadership Enthusiast and International Keynote Speaker and Trainer.

Amanda is a life-long learner who continually strives to keep learning. Her ongoing research includes areas of artificial intelligence, neuroscience, human behaviour, psychology of emotion, patterns of thinking and mindset.

CHPEA Course creator

The Certified High Performing EAWhat Our ClientsSay

I would highly recommend The High Performing EA program. From our first conversation, I knew Amanda would be able to push me out of my comfort zone, in the best way possible. As a current participant of The High Performing EA program, I have been amazed with how much the program can not only change my life professionally, but also personally. Amanda has the ability to truly empathise with your circumstances, help you to see the opportunities you have for change, provide you with the tools and empower you to make those changes yourself

Amanda thank you so much for reaching out and inviting me to participate in your program. Your leadership training program is very practical, structured and definitely challenging. It provided me with an all round overview on how to lead and the methodologies used were at a very high standard. I have accomplished so much and as a result so many opportunities have opened up for me at KPMG

Having recently completed The High Performing EA program with Amanda, I highly recommend the course. Amanda is a great facilitator, she continually pushed me out of my comfort zone and I am now reaping the rewards not only in my work life but it also translates through to your personal life. The course is well structured and has provided me with many new tools and strategies to use to help me lead at work

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    CHPEA Course Participants

    The Certified High Performing EAFAQs

    Can I talk to someone at the EA Institute about my funding options?
    Sure! Feel free to contact us to talk through your personal situation, we’d be happy to help. Or, you can visit our Funding Options for an EA Certification?

    Can I claim at tax time?
    Each individual needs to seek their own accounting advice. You can read more about it here.

    I’d like to ask my Executive for funding, can you help with this?
    We’ve written a list of tips to help you with this particular conversation, you can also download our “ask your boss” guide. You can read more about it here.

    What if life gets in the way and I can’t complete the course?
    That’s ok, we understand, you can defer to the next intake.

    What happens if I can’t attend one of the live days?
    Attendance of the live days is essential for your success in this course and will count towards your certification but we understand sometimes things happen and a replay will be available.

    What is the online community you mentioned?
    When you enrol in any Executive Assistant course at the EA Institute, you automatically gain 12 months access to our Members Platform; Growth Hub. This platform is where all the course material is located and where your learning group will communicate. Through this platform you can also access complimentary monthly events with various industry experts.

    Is the Certified High Performing EA an RTO?
    The Certification is Nationally recognised, however, we are not a RTO. With the EA role changing so much over the last 2 years, we needed to be more agile with our training and development, to be more suited to what EAs actually need.