Certified High Performing EA ™ Setting the Standard for EA Leadership

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    Students complete modules each month at their own pace and online.


    Online, do it at your own pace.

    Innovative Teaching

    The EA Institute is the only Australian training organisation who specialise in Executive Assistant leadership development.

    Formal recognition

    Become a Certified High Performing EATM. This is certified by the ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission).

    Post-nominals after your title

    You can use the post-nominals CHPEA which indicates that you a certified as a High Performing EATM and you can use this after your email signatures and after your title.

    Loads of ongoing support

    You are a lifetime member in our online community, so whenever you have a question or need something, we all come running!

    What you’ll receive in this course

    12 Months
    $5997 + gst (payment plan available)
    March, September
    Study Structure
    4 core units 8 Training Outcomes

    Introduction to The Certified High Performing EA

    In the modern corporate space, the best ‘Assistants’ know their role has expanded far beyond what the name suggests. Whatever their title; Special Assistant, Chief of Staff, Executive Assistant or Personal Assistant, they are taking it upon themselves to upgrade their roles and become the linchpins in their organisation. Those that can see the future of work are developing themselves into thought leaders, strategic thinkers and empowering contributors to the success of their company. The Certified High Performing EA is here to help the driven and determined Assistants of today become exactly that. The result is a far greater impact throughout their organisation, the ability to provide high leadership support and a strengthened, collaborative partnership with their executive.

    Course structure

    Students will complete 4 core units of study with 8 Training Outcomes, and one double-weighted leadership project.

    Unit One
    Creating the Extraordinary
    Unit Two
    The Structure for Success
    Unit Three
    The Breakthrough
    Unit Four
    Creating the Future

    The Leadership Project

    The projects have several criteria, it must:
    • Be Related to Executive Assistants current accountabilities
    • Be Beyond what would be predictable to produce in the time frame they choose
    • Be Approved or signed-off and supported by the Executive Assistants manager
    • Be Measurable using normal and accepted company standards
    • Make a material difference to the division and/ or company even if not fully delivered

    Download course guide to find out more about the units and the Professional Practice credentials.

    Download Course Guide

    The High Performing EA – LeaderWhat Our ClientsSay

    I would highly recommend The High Performing EA program. From our first conversation, I knew Amanda would be able to push me out of my comfort zone, in the best way possible. As a current participant of The High Performing EA program, I have been amazed with how much the program can not only change my life professionally, but also personally. Amanda has the ability to truly empathise with your circumstances, help you to see the opportunities you have for change, provide you with the tools and empower you to make those changes yourself

    Amanda thank you so much for reaching out and inviting me to participate in your program. Your leadership training program is very practical, structured and definitely challenging. It provided me with an all round overview on how to lead and the methodologies used were at a very high standard. I have accomplished so much and as a result so many opportunities have opened up for me at KPMG

    Having recently completed The High Performing EA program with Amanda, I highly recommend the course. Amanda is a great facilitator, she continually pushed me out of my comfort zone and I am now reaping the rewards not only in my work life but it also translates through to your personal life. The course is well structured and has provided me with many new tools and strategies to use to help me lead at work

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    • Entry requirements
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