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A Hands-On Approach to Professional Development for Executive Assistants

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For those ready to reveal their hidden potential as company leaders.

At The EA Institute, we are strong believers (through first-hand experience) in the power of a strong relationship between an EA and a hand-selected mentor. In the modern world of professional development and education we understand how critical a hands-on, uniquely tailored pathway for professional growth is for you to flourish in your EA role. The coaching approach we take is therefore characterised by three essential factors for coaching success:

the EA InstituteBehaviouralProfiling

Executive Assistant Coaching

As people in the professional world, we are as much different as we are alike. There are basic principles of human behaviour that we all adhere to, but within that are a range of different traits unique to us. We have different motivating factors, different environments we thrive in and different challenges we are aiming to overcome (and for different reasons!)

Extended DISC Behavioural profiling gives us an astoundingly accurate insight into who you are, and how you’re going to achieve the best results for both yourself and in a team environment moving forward.

the EA InstituteClear, ActionableGoal Setting

Clear and Actionable Goal Setting

A goal well set, with a clear intention and specific steps in place to get us there is half the journey of achievement. Together, we will set goals in a way that not only motivate you for success in the short-term, but inspire you for achievement and growth into the future. We use a proven, repeatable and predictable system for setting you up on the path to hitting your goals, and back it up with consistent check-ins to ensure you remain on track.

the EA InstituteTrackingTowards Success

Measurable and tracked performance

The most important part of goal setting is that it is achieved in a way that is measurable. So many EAs fail to actually track their progress on the pathway to a goal, or have simply never been shown how. We are here to both touch base with the goals you’re looking to achieve (are they still inspiring to you? Do they need to be tweaked or changed all together? Do they still align with your organisation’s vision and mission?) and with you as their achiever (do you need extra support along the way? Are there any challenges that keep arising?) Setting inspiring goals starts the journey, tracking their completion to the end ensures their success.