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Amanda Vinci and The EA Institute are highly involved in the development of the Executive Assistance industry around the world. This means they can often be seen speaking or chairing an event dedicated to the growth of EAs and PAs in your business community. You can hear Amanda and her team present at one of the upcoming events below. Click the link for each event to find out more and to attend an event near you.

Annual EA Leadership Forum

Join us at the conference and build on your success and pave a meaningful corporate journey. You will understand how to handle different personalities, overcome stress, and become more resilient. You will experience what a personal brand is and increase your visibility in the digital age. The conference will also feature valuable strategies, techniques and tips to enhance the effectiveness of your executive support functions, see your profession through the eyes of your executives, and keep abreast of the latest must-have skills for your career development.

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Melbourne EA Group

Melbourne EA Group have partnered with us to bring you a three part education series to ensure you stay on track with your goals in 2020! Plan ahead, create time for yourself and make sure you’re taken care of this year. At this event, we're going to challenge your thinking in terms of what's possible for you this year. We know that sometimes we put limits on what we can achieve. Dream big, without limits and create your extraordinary possibility.

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