Healthy Boundaries as an Executive/Personal Assistant

Part of the journey to being a successful Executive Assistant is learning how to set healthy boundaries at work with others.

This can be our most challenging and freeing lesson.  

Especially if the partnership is one of your core, team members or manager.   

We’ve been given the gift of anger as an action signal emotion to let us know when our boundaries have been crossed but most people have never been taught what to do with it or allowed to act on the boundary violation, instead the emotion is suppressed in the moment, filling up the internal volcano of frustration that is destined to explode one day…..  

Problem is, if we don’t teach people our boundaries how can we expect them not to cross them?  

The first step is to acknowledge the emotion, acknowledge that the frustration is a gift to let us know we’ve found not just a boundary, it’s also an opportunity to practice setting, expressing and expecting that boundary to be respected next time.  

Once the initial emotion passes ask yourself if the boundary was crossed was one they knew or not.  

If they knew it, give feedback immediately and expect that it will be accepted.

If it’s a boundary they didn’t know of then take the time to teach them because if you don’t, who will?

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