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We have trained hundreds of EAs all around the world and believe our world class approach and community activates the passion for the profession and progress beyond what they thought possible.

Our training is designed to be dynamic action learning, where students are required to put their new knowledge to use immediately in their daily work and come back for feedback. This creates fast feedback loops, combined with the accountability groups within the community, fastracks EA’s progress in their development.

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ea development courses

Our Curriculum Our curriculum focuses on these three themes

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Mindset & Resilience
We unlock a person’s potential spending time reframing the perceptions they have of themselves, of the role and the impact they have in their work. We address topics of self-care, working under pressure and communicating boundaries as vital psychosocial aspects of the job.

Kick-start your EA and PA course with The EA Institute

Leadership Capability
Our EAs are hungry for a challenge and want to learn how to proactively identify opportunities for improved efficiencies in the business. We cover how to take ownership of key areas of responsibilities and managing projects; acting as a sounding board to empower decision making in the executive and actively understanding and supporting the executive’s delivery of KPIs.

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Build Personal Brand
High performing EA’s are the relationship stakeholders across their organisations, and this requires high emotional intelligence to connect widely and be the ‘eyes and ears’ in the business. We work through how to present and position yourself and cultivate long lasting relationships to enable effective decision making, garnering internal support and …

Our Courses

Our development incorporates a ‘doing’ element, so you are learning on the job, in real time, with real results.

THE place for Executive Assistants and Administrators to stay tapped in, collaborate with others who “get it”, and get access to the tools, strategies and tactics to help you master your mindset, build your leadership skills and grow your brand FASTER and EASIER!

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EAI Membership

This certification is for EA’s who want to learn the operational functions of a business, elevate their leadership skills and increase their performance. The course units are relevant for the role today and allow you to keep up with this profession as it evolves.

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1:1 Coaching

Short Video Courses

Short Video Courses

the EA InstituteEA and PACourses

Kick-start your EA and PA course with The EA Institute

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The EA Institute’s world-renowned leadership, mindset, performance courses for EAs and PAs. Focusing on what it takes to thrive as an EA or PA in the modern working environment, designed to help you bring out your professional best.

The EA Institute’s training isn’t designed for those just wanting to ‘turn up and go home’ after taking a page full of notes. It’s designed to help today’s best Executive Assistants realise and continually reach the next level of their potential. Are you ready to allow the leader in you to shine through?

the EA InstituteCoaching

Executive Assistant Coaching program

A rapid-results Executive Assistant coaching program between mentor and EA, specifically designed for those looking to supercharge their results in the shortest possible time.

Executive Assistants looking for a 1-1 mentor and coach are serious about their success. They value the in-depth power of a program designed specifically for them, their strengths, their weaknesses and most importantly, their unique vision for their professional life. How ready are you to embrace the individual coaching journey?

the EA InstituteIn-House Solutions

Bespoke In-House Training solutions

Like the idea of a path to success designed specifically for you? Your team will appreciate the opportunity to come together and grow through their challenges as one. You’ll appreciate the knowledge that their growth is in the hands of the Executive and Personal Assistant training experts.

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