the EA InstituteCreating your extraordinary possibility

Event Details

Date: 20th February 2020  |  Location: The Savoy Hotel, Melbourne 

Melbourne EA Group has partnered with us to bring you a three part education series to ensure you stay on track with your goals in 2020!

Plan ahead, create time for yourself and make sure you’re taken care of this year.
Workshop 1 – Creating your extraordinary possibility
For some of you, your 2020 sounds good in your head but you haven’t you put pen to paper yet, for others, you know things need to improve this year but have been caught up in the day-to-day of EA life around you. And then for others, you haven’t started planning or goal setting at all.

At this event, we’re going to challenge your thinking in terms of what’s possible for you this year. We know that sometimes we put limits on what we can achieve.

Dream big, without limits and create your extraordinary possibility.