Top 10 Tips to Start 2019

There are always issues when working with (and juggling!) multiple managers. Whether it’s who’s needs are great, who’s work is more important, your own organisational skills, and your relationship with each of them – all of this can effect the way you are effective in working with multiple managers.

After numerous conversations over the years of how best to deal with this, and a little google magic, here are a few of the ways of how to manage multiple managers, and be effective.

New Year, New ME! Right? Many people hate this saying, but I personally love it. There is a feeling of renewal every time a new year starts, and it is important to reflect on the year gone by, what went well, what didn’t, and what we would like to do differently and achieve in the new year.

Usually for the 1st week of the new year I am definitely still stuck in holiday mode – lazy beach days, sleeping in, a few too many wines with good friends, and a complete lack of structure in diet and exercise. And going back to work is the last thing I want to do.

But I don’t beat myself up over it, and I don’t get stressed that I have not started the year off well and that it’s how the rest of my year will continue. Quite the opposite actually, it helps me get bored of that lifestyle, and get ready to jump into the new year, both feet first.

So if you are nearing the end of your holiday break (or maybe it’s already ended), here are my top 10 tips to activate your motivation drive again:

  1. Set 1 Goal not a new year’s resolution, but a goal you have always wanted to achieve. Yes you have heard it all before, but this is goal setting like no other. I just want 1 goal. No more. Juuuuuust one. Write a list of goals, then prioritise the top one. That is your focus this year no matter what else happens. That is number one. Break this goal down into easy to manage steps for each week or month, and let the journey begin.
  2. Get up earlier10 minutes to start with. Give yourself that extra time you don’t normally have and set yourself up properly for the day. Avoid checking your phone first thing until you have done some stretches and had breakfast.
  3. Exercise this one always sounds like a broken record, but it really does do wonders for your mental and physical health. If you aren’t motivated or its too hot, try an evening walk at dusk. Or if you can afford it, buy a new pair of workout shoes, yoga mat, or a snazzy top that makes you want to use it and do some exercise. And grab a buddy, being accountable can go a long way too, the incentive of catching up can be better than the incentive to exercise.
  4. Start a financial plan the Christmas holiday period can take a hefty chunk out of the wallet. So why not get ahead of this year finances and plan them – it’s amazing how much you can save once you properly track your spending and saving habits. Having a financial goal can really help with spending habits too. Here is a link to a simple personal budget template that can be adjusted to suit individual requirements. Just copy the tab once you’ve adjusted it, to plan out next month’s budget.
  5. Plan your next holiday to avoid those post-holiday blues, start planning the next one! It doesn’t have to be a trip overseas, but even small staycations can make a big difference to your motivation and output. Try for 5-day holiday every two months (and use them around weekends and public holidays to save on annual leave hours). If you can afford it, you could even try a day’s leave without pay, to ensure you have a number of days for your next Christmas summer break.
  6. Out with the old time to clear out your wardrobe of old things you don’t wear anymore, and that doesn’t bring you joy. If you need inspiration, I can suggest watching Marie Kondo on Netflix – although take it with a grain of salt, Marie is excellent if not slightly OCD with her work, but it does provide great motivation and makes you think twice about your possessions.
  7. Clear out toxic people from your life along the lines of ‘out wiht the old’ why not include people too? Okay, a toxic person may be your boss, so why not see what you can actually do about it. Have you had a conversation with them about how they treat you? And often there are friends and family members that just drain you. So reduce their power over you: minimise contact unless absolutely necessary, and minimise the self-stress you induce when thinking about them. You may not be able to change the fact you need to interact, so take precaution not to wind yourself up about it. And if you can get rid of them, then, buh-bye!
  8. Use words of self – affirmation If you are like me and can be quite critical of yourself, I suggest replacing those critiques with words of self-love affirmation. Affirmations help to increase self-reliance, help you take action in your life, and build self-confidence and self-esteem. The words seep into your brain and bring positive change. Not sure how to start? Check out this link for guidance:
  9. Sleep more It’s not always possible and even if we do actually get into bed earlier, we can tend to just lay there. My trick is to read, and failing that I put on a Sleep Story from my Calm meditation App. I use the paid version (which I do highly recommend) but you can find stories or podcasts on Spotify free that would also be able to do the trick. Slow stories that help you drift off to sleep.
  10. Reach out to old friends, family, pets, whoever you have been thinking about lately, or who you just haven’t gotten around to seeing over the break, just reach out. A phone call, a message, an email can go a long way. Stop putting it off, do it in front of a movie even, but make the time. It makes a better you.

What are your top tips? We would love to hear them! Send them to

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