Mindful Goal Setting

Being mindful doesn’t mean you no longer set goals or that you just live in the moment, it means that you set mindful goals consciously.

Setting goals has its advantages, goals can determine the direction of our actions, be motivating, give direction to life and when they are reached they can contribute to self belief. But, goals can also have their disadvantages, excessive focus on goals can have negative consequences when too much attention is paid to them and an imbalance between goals (in the future) and the path to achieve the goal (the now) occurs.

When we set mindful goals, we take into consideration this tricky balance. Here are some tips to set goals mindfully:


  • Pay attention to the “why”, reflect on your intention behind the goal, why do you want to achieve it?
  • Break major, long term goals down into smaller bite-size parts. This will help you to focus more on what can be achieved now.
  • Practice gratitude, when we are busy focusing on future goals, we tend to pay attention to what we don’t have yet which makes it easy to be dissatisfied. 
  • Write it down… Use our FREE Mindful Goal Setting Template below to guide you through this exercise.


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