Win at Goal Setting for 2022

We’ve heard all of this before, right? New Year’s Resolutions… Goals… Intentions… they can be great, but they can also leave you feeling deflated when in a couple of weeks, you’ve already lost motivation. We don’t want that for you this year!!!

We’re all probably hoping for a slightly better year than 2021. You might be feeling super optimistic about the year ahead, or slightly daunted. Goal setting for 2022 can help you to feel more in control, here are 3 tips to help you get started:

1. Set ONE achievable goal per aspect of your life and make sure you add a timeline to ensure you stay accountable.
For example…
Family – “I will reach out to one member of my extended family per week to check in.”
Health – “I will move my body for 45 minutes per day”
Career – “I will find a mentor to check in with once a month”

2. Create systems to support your goals. For example, you could allocate a reoccurring time in your calendar to attend to your goal, this will help you to set a habit. Or if your goal includes exercise, you could try setting out your workout clothes the night before.

3. Pay attention to the “why”, reflect on your intention behind the goal, think about why you want to achieve it and remind yourself of this reason whenever you waiver.

Now, if goal setting for 2022 sounds way too hard at the moment, that’s ok. There’s another idea we really like. Melinda Gates picks a word of the year rather than writing goals or resolutions. This word sets your intention for the year, so you can’t really fail at it! It’s all about creating a focus or a filter through which to view your actions or decisions. 

Which ever way you decide to tackle your goal setting for 2022 we wish you all the best!

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