2024 Annual Leave Hacks

As we bid farewell to 2023 and embrace the arrival of 2024, lets have a look at how we can maximise our annual leave days for the upcoming year with these simple annual leave hacks.

Leverage 17 days of annual leave to enjoy an impressive 45 days off. Make the most of your annual leave by aligning it with weekends and public holidays. While specific public holidays may vary among Australian states, key holidays such as Australia Day, Easter, ANZAC Day, Christmas, and New Year’s present opportunities to extend your time off.

Australia Day 2024

Take a four-day break by taking a day off on Monday 29th January.

Easter 2024

Easter this year presents the opportunity for an enticing ten-day break (March 29 – April 7) achievable by taking four days off in April: Tuesday 2nd April, Wednesday 3rd April, Thursday 4th April and Friday 5th April.

ANZAC Day 2024

Take a nine-day holiday by strategically taking four days off: Monday 22nd April, Tuesday 23rd, Wednesday 24th April and Friday 26th April.

Christmas and New Year 2024/25

You can plan for a well-deserved 12-day break over the festive season by utilising just five days off: Monday 23rd December, Tuesday 24th December, Friday 27th December, Monday 30th December, Tuesday 31st December.

Taking annual leave affords you a genuine respite from work, allowing you to return feeling rejuvenated. It also provides the time and space to contemplate new directions for your career or innovative approaches to your tasks.

By using the upcoming public holidays wisely, you can put together an annual leave plan that maximises your chances of recharging and revitalising your energy throughout the year.
Get booking and enjoy!

For more information on annual leave entitlements, check out the Fair Work Ombudsman here.

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