2023 Annual Leave Hacks

Taking annual leave can help you lead a more balanced, fulfilling life and be more productive and engaged at work. Use these annual leave hacks to utilise public holidays and weekends in 2023 to maximise your leave so you can spend that important time with family and friends, pursue hobbies and interests and engage in other activities that will help you create a better work-life balance.

1. Easter 2023 – Book 4 days, get 10 🐣
Easter falls this year on Friday 7th and Monday 10th of April.
Book 4 days annual leave: 3rd to the 6th of April.
Including weekends and public holidays, this will allow you to enjoy 10 days of holiday from Saturday 1st April until Tuesday 11th of April.

2. ANZAC Day 2023 – Book 4 days, get 9 ❤️
ANZAC Day this years falls on Tuesday 25th April.
Book annual leave on Monday 24th and the 26th to 28th to enjoy the full week off.

3. Kings Birthday 2023 – Book 4 days, get 9 👑
In 2023 the King’s Birthday public holiday falls on 12 June in every state and territory except Queensland and Western Australia where it falls on a Monday.
Set your leave up around this date to enjoy 9 days off.

4. Christmas 2023 – Book 3 days, get 10 🎄
Christmas Day falls on a Monday in 2023, with Boxing Day the following day. The New Year’s Day public holiday falls on Monday, 1 January 2024.
Book three days annual leave 27-29 December to enjoy a lovely 10 days off from Saturday 23rd December to Tuesday January 2nd.

Stepping away from your work routine can help you approach problems and challenges from a fresh perspective, leading to enhanced creativity and innovative thinking so make the most of every opportunity to maximise your leave this year!

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